Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's a Point Where You Get So Sick At Heart...

That you no longer care about anything but seeing the current corrupt, dishonest, scheming, and manipulative system burned to the ground and destroyed.  The evil, greedy, and monstrous people that are in charge deserve punishment on a scale that can't even be imagined.

I've talked to people who can't afford to defend themselves from the Righthaven suits--and just expect to file for bankruptcy, because they can't afford the $250/hour lawyers required to defend yourself from these suits, and I have been repeatedly warned that federal judges have no patience with anyone who tries to defend himself from a civil suit pro se (without a lawyer).

When this matter is resolved, I'm retiring from all involvement with public policy, and doing my best to disappear.  This system is so fundamentally corrupt, evil, and unwilling to reform itself that I no longer care to take any action to reform it or protect it.  It needs to burn, and it needs to die.  Why anyone would fight to defend a nation that is as corrupt and evil as this one leaves me utterly confused.


  1. I truly share your despair. Would only ask you to await the election results in November before extinguishing your flame whose warmth helps sustain some of us. I'm praying that those results will signal a fundamental change; if not, we may continue to sink into the sewer until there is no chance for recovery.

  2. What do you have to lose by going pro-se? The Federal Judges probably have "no patience" for "most" folks doing it pro-se because most folks who are not attorneys cannot follow the proper procedures.

    Think seriously about whether you could self-learn the process so that you don't make those mistakes.

  3. I would like to think that Republican control of Congress will mean adult supervision, but I don't have great confidence on this. Republicans controlled both houses when DMCA was passed--some of which provisions are what enable the current crisis.

    Democrats do what trial lawyers want because trial lawyers are a big funding source for the Democratic Party. Republicans do what Hollywood wants, because Republicans want Hollywood to love them.

    And Jonathan, what do I have to lose by going pro se? Default judgment of $75,000. One lawyer that looked over my response concerning champerty, jurisdiction, fair use, Rule 11(b)(1) said as a pro se Motion to Dismiss it was pretty impressive. For those with nothing to lose, maybe that makes sense. For someone who has a house, a halfway decent income, and some savings, this is just too dangerous.

  4. That would be a shame, Mr. Cramer. Many of us have followed your work for some time--for me it started with "The Racist Roots of Gun Control"--and would hate to see your voice silenced. Best wishes! _Rich_