Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Rough Wooing

This is the term later used to describe a war started by Henry VIII against Scotland to get them to consent to a marriage between his son Edward and Mary, Queen of Scots.  That's what came to mind when I saw this quote from the August 16, 2010 TechDirt in which the Las Vegas Review-Journal's general counsel explains why they have Righthaven suing people:
"My hope," says Hinueber, "is we will raise awareness of copyright laws, and have more links back to our site, and have less of our material infringed on the Internet."
As TechDirt points out:
Yeah, right. Suing people linking to you is going to get more links? Considering that some of the examples of sites being sued included one that posted just 4 paragraphs of a 34-paragraph article... with a link, it seems that these lawsuits are almost guaranteed to lead to less linking.
It makes me wonder how Hinueber goes about getting a date.  Does he file suit against a pretty young thing to make her more interested in seeing what kind of a man he is?  Or does he have someone kneecap her, so she'll be interested in his company?

I guess the phrase, "You catch more flies with honey than mustard" must be news to Hinueber.

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  1. Also makes you think they've never heard the term "teaser".