Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hilarious! Copyright Enforcement Company...Infringing Copyright

Over at TechDirt there is a hilarious article about how U.S. Copyright Group (sort of like Righthaven, but with the decency to contact people before filing suit) appears to have infringed the copyright of a competitor--even at the level of at first still leaving the other firm's copyright notice.
TorrentFreak is showing how USCG appears to have blatantly copied the full HTML for its "settlements" website from a competing operation called Copyright Enforcement Group. USCG had set up a site at that had code that was so obviously copied from CEG that it included CEG's copyright statement, images and phone number for some of the time. Since then, much of the code has been "scrubbed," but plenty of CEG's code was still there.
And no, they did not have permission from CEG to do this.

I haven't visited Righthaven's website; it might be entertaining for someone to grab it, and then see if they can find signs of infringement on someone else's website.

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