Monday, August 2, 2010

C5 Corvette A/C Dimness Problem

I've mentioned in the past the Corvette's A/C unit was going dim--sometimes brought back to life by tapping it.  The A/C worked fine--you just couldn't see the temperature, or the details of fan speed, etc.  It finally reached final darkness.  Instructions for removing the unit are here--and it wasn't really all that bad, once I had enough Torx devices and metric sockets to disassemble the appropriate parts.

Theoretically, I could have fixed the problem by resoldering the resistors that are the problem--but surface mount technology makes me nervous, and my soldering iron died sometime in the last year or two, I discovered.  Once out, I ended up sending it to Soul Per4mance in Fairfield, California.  I shipped it last Tuesday.  They received it Thursday.  They fixed it Friday (and sent me a photograph of it all bright and happy), and shipped it Saturday.  It arrived today.  Wow!  Fixed for $41, including return shipping!  A new one would cost about $400 installed.

UPDATE: It only took a few minutes to get the dashboard apart, the new unit in, and everything back together again--and it is wonderful to have everything bright as new!  I have also noticed that because I have been leaving the Corvette outside lately (because of our concrete painting project--more about that later), first thing in the morning, the ABS and traction control problems are gone--probably because of the cold.  These become problems if I start it up on a hot day.  But when are ABS and traction control really important?  When it is cold and snowy.  Maybe I will live with these annoying warning lights.

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