Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Network Backup vs. USB Backup

Some years back, when I was staring at a stack of obsolete DIMMs (what? 128KB each?) I found myself thinking, wouldn't it be neat if some made a gadget that used these antiques to add RAM to newer PCs?  Somethinbg that would map the address lines of modern backplanes to the more limited range of addresses in these older SIMMs.  Maybe not cost effective, but I hate to throw away stuff that works, especially considering what this stuff cost new.  You might have some space issues: imagine all the 128KB SIMMs plugged into an adapter to simulate a 4GB SIMM. 

Of late I have been tempted to buy a network hard drive for backing up all the computers in the house instead of having multiple USB drives to do this.  But what to do with these functioning USB drives.   Then I discovered that biothn Seagate and Pogoplug make adapters that let you attach your USB drives and use them as network hard drives.  Does anyone have experience with these?

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