Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The 1TB Drive in the Lenovo

Which is three months old has bad sectors in the boot area.  They images my files at Northwind.  I am hoping to be able to copy them from the old drive once I put it into an enclosure.  I ordered a new 1 TB hard drive (Samsung not WD this time) and expect it tomorrow.  Then reinstall Win 7 Pro from the Lenovo restore CDs, upgrade to Windows 10, restore my wife, fix the backup procedures and get back to my useful troublemaking.

I tried to buy a 1 TB drive at Best Buy to save a day, but Best Buy no longer exists in Boise.  This was a surprise.

UPDATE:  I am told it is still there.  Not sure why I couldn't see it.

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w said...

I was surprised a week ago when I read that the Best Buy no longer exists. Since I hadn't been in for quite a while I went in today (3/15) and it is open for business. They are doing some remodeling and moving a lot of things around. Probably because they show on their web site there is no also a store in the Town Square Mall. That store is apparently not going to replace the Franklin one though as it is much smaller.