Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Is This a Gun Problem?

10/31/23 Washington Times:

D.C. police arrested a preteen and charged the child with armed carjacking Tuesday after authorities said he was with the 13-year-old carjacker who was shot and killed by a driver last weekend.

The Washington Times asked Metropolitan Police if the armed carjacking charge meant they found a gun on the 12-year-old juvenile suspect.

MPD still hasn’t clarified if a gun was located either at the scene or if the preteen boy had a firearm.

The threat of a gun was why the off-duty federal security officer targeted in the carjacking attempt told police he shot and killed Vernard Toney Jr. in downtown Saturday night.

The officer told police that one suspect was holding his waistband as if he had a gun tucked away. 

The victim’s firearm was legally registered, police said.  

To a 13-year-old?  DC must have misunderstood Bruen very badly.

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