Monday, November 20, 2023

Adobe Breaks Reader

 I attempted to buy the full Acrobat last week.  It failed to install properly.  I got a refund.

So I decided to uninstall what was there and just download the free Reader DC.  It insisted on installing Adobe Creative Cloud, which is huge, >300MB, and appears to include lots of Adobe products in the get you hooked by a 7-day trial. Fine, I will just use the Reader.  Once installed, it asked if I wanted to make this my default PDF Reader and Accept the terms.  It just goes into manic sperm mode (as my wife calls it), going around in circles runs for many minutes and never completing.

I am now installing from the Microsoft Store.  It is taking a long time to install.  What had Adobe done to Reader?

From here.  I realize Adobe is a business but a lot of people have become quite ddependent on being able to read PDFs.


  1. I gave up on Acrobat a few decades ago. Office-365 has a sufficiently agile .pdf function for my needs, and most web browsers will read them just fine.

    I had a paid copy of Acrobat (IV, I think), paid to upgrade to V and VI and then when trying to upgrade to a later version they told me they would not allow it...Had to buy a full copy, again.

    Which as always, was priced on the very high end of reasonable.

    Nope, no thanks

  2. While it won't read everything - I have a particular problem with PDFs from state government - I use foxit PDF reader from

    I guess it is in the MS store, but I got it straight from

  3. I second the recommendation for FoxIt reader.

  4. I bought Adobe stock when the PDF program was announced - made a good profit. But I regret installing this latest bloatware monster. It screwed up all my file associations, keeps asking me stupid questions about things I have no need to do, and Adobe keeps sending me spam about activating new and expensive features I don't need. A marketing disaster.