Tuesday, November 7, 2023

I Do Not Need It

But boy would I be happy if one arrived at the local gun store with a bow on it.  Browning is again offering the Hi-Power now in stainless steel.  No magazine disconnect.

When I say I do not need it, it is because I had mine refinished in NP3 a couple years back which has most (all?) of the advantages of stainless and it looks sharp too.  Okay, I admit that I like the flash of a reflective gun.

What is interesting is that it now comes with a 17-round magazine.  Traditionally Hi-Powers came with 13-round magazines.  Ram-Line made some very reliable 15-round magazines for it and I have several.  (Wilson Combat also sells a 15-round magazine made by Mec-Gar.)  I wonder if the 17-round magazines work in the older versions?  

Yes, a Hi-Power does a magazine change rapidly, especially with the magazine disconnect removed but having two extra rounds without a change would be useful if a minivan of home invaders showed up.  Like that is going to happen in Idaho.


  1. If it is possible to disable a magazine disconnect, I will. I do not want a control I can not manipulate by hand that disables my firearm when I want it to go boom. Although the usual scaremongers say that DAs will seize on this modification. Any truth to that?

    1. Ayoob tells me it was a case where the person sued had an accidental discharge with a gun with no disconnector and his ownership of a Browning not involved in the accident without a disconnector was proof of a negligent attitude.