Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Always Fun Watching Foreigner Reaction to WalMart

My daughter has had several foreign exchange students who have found Wal-Mart an amazing experience.  I just watched a YouTube video titled New Zealand Family Go To Walmart For The First Time.  I have seen some others by Europeans with similar shock and awe responses. Heck, to Americans it is just shopping.  In the 1960s, President Nixon got a lot of flak for saying that American greatness could be seen in that we had just built the largest shopping mall in the world.  I would have picked the Moon landing myself but there is some merit that what would have been unimaginable for all of human history and is still shockingly good to people outside North America is an American institution.

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  1. A German woman I know, who now lives in the USA, described an early shopping experience. She went to the grocery store to get "ranch dressing." When she got there, she was flummoxed - as she describes it, there were 100 varieties of "ranch" dressing! IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY, OR WHAT?!! We should all occasionally appreciate the bounty we enjoy.