Saturday, November 11, 2023

Interesting Conversation

I am helping a public defender in Cincinnati with help on Ohio's ban on gun ownership by under 21s.  I mentioned the racist history of gun laws of which she was aware.  She then told me that she could not recall ever having a white client on a gun carrying charge.

There are multiple possible explanations: poor people are usually black, and this end up with public defenders; racism by police stopping and frisking blacks more than whites; higher levels of crime by blacks increases police interactions that result in arrests.

I mention this because I see screeching on X that ATF seems to exempt blacks because of pictures of black guys in Chicago in their high school graduation regalia with Glocks.  ATF may be too busy in Chicago to go for the low-hanging fruit, but what I see suggests that if there is a problem, black privilege is not the explanation.  I see lots of news coverage out of Texas about Glock switch arrests and the names suggest many are black or Hispanic.

What I read indicates that a cottage industry has developed making Glock switches and many are shipped here from China.

I have a problem with the National Firearms Act but punks carrying full auto pistols are unlikely to make all their shots hit their targets (who are usually fellow punks).  Spraying lead needs a solution.  I suspect prosecuting thugs young and removing them from the street is an obvious solution.


  1. You're kind of contradicting yourself here - if racism by police is the reason they're stopping and frisking blacks more than whites, or is it that the fact that higher levels of crime by blacks increases police interactions?

    1. The problem is that you cannot determine cause vs. effect. But higher rates of violent crime by blacks are well-established by victimization studies and police doubtless see this relationship.