Saturday, June 26, 2021

Their Side Claims

Civilians are not adequately trained to handle fluid and confusing situations of mass murder like police officers. 

ARVADA, Colo. (AP) — A man who intervened in a shooting that killed a police officer near Denver was shot and killed by a responding officer while holding the suspect's AR-15, police said Friday.

Johnny Hurley, who has been described by police as a hero who prevented further bloodshed, shot suspect Ronald Troyke on Monday after Troyke gunned down Arvada Officer Gordon Beesley with a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun. "

The officer had a split second decision to make in a confusing and fluid situation and he shot the guy who prevented a mass murder of police officers (his writings indicated that all police were the enemy; I wonder from where that idea came).

Training: if you shoot a bad guy, kick or push the gun away from the bad guy. Do not pick it up. 


  1. And when the situation is resolved and the danger over, place your own firearm in a safe place and hold your hands in a visible position.

  2. If a civilian had shot this guy by mistake, I wouldn't be surprised at manslaughter charges.

  3. Nothing to see here, just another deplorable being given an Ashli Babbit style execution for daring to think that he had rights.

    But remember, Blue Lives Matter!