Sunday, June 13, 2021

Need a Reason to Skip Your Workout?

It is dangerous.   I was re-racking a 35 pound weight and my finger did not get out of the way in time.
It hurts a lot worse than it looks.


  1. To reduce a subungal hematoma. Cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol in a dish. (alcohol lamp) Straightened paper clip.

    Heat clip to glowing or very hot. Rest hand and finger on firm surface, and gently touch end of clip to center of bruised nail area. There is no pain involved in this process; the liquid under the nail protects from any burning. The goal is to melt through the nail until the serum and blood oozes out. Pain will be lessened immediately.

  2. Funny how 35 pounds can feel like a whole lot more, isn't it? Oh. Well, maybe not so funny. Been there and done that. With a 500 pounder I think. Well, as I remember it FELT like one. Sort of like yours I'll bet.

  3. Try some 100 lb. rip-rap, or in one case, a 30-ton bulldozer...

  4. What BFR says. I have done that and everything he says is true. It takes a lot of willpower to punch a hole in your nail with a red-hot poker, but the relief is instantaneous.