Saturday, June 5, 2021

Lost My Center Finder in the Move

 This video shows three techniques using common tools like a square to find the center.


  1. Did you ever get your minimill set up with X&Y digital readouts?
    I've seen articles on doing this with handheld calipers mounted on the stages. You can get them from 4" to 24" length at Horror Fright Tools. Not as handy as having a readout sitting at/near face height, but beats the oem hand dials. You can get higher quality ones that accept a data plugin to a monitor or similar.
    Consider getting the cheap ones to figure out how to fixture them, and them maybe move to Mititoyo for the remote data connection. Those you can get used on Ebay, probably.

    You can do the same for the Z axis, but that might be more involved. Depends on the mill, but those are already available set up for some common vertical mills.

  2. I am not sure what that would buy me. The CNC software already gives .00001".

  3. Sorry, I forgot you had CNC. With digital readout on stages, and an edge finder, you can find the center.