Sunday, June 20, 2021

Concerned Californians Will Turn Idaho Blue?

 6/14/21 S.F. Chronicle:

On a base level, the allure of Idaho’s capital is apparent. It’s a college town with a rich and robust cultural scene and an adjacency to nature. It’s not very crowded relative to San Francisco or the Silicon Valley, with a population of just over 226,000, and its size means that most of the city’s hot spots are only a hop-skip away from each other.

It also doesn’t come with the steep price tag of a big city, though that’s changing fast.

“I loved living in Los Gatos, California. I can't think of a more beautiful place, but you know the affordability … and having a real job and not being worth millions, I was never going to really enjoy Los Gatos to the extent that I can enjoy Boise,” Krause said....

It also helps that Boise is much safer than the Bay Area, he says, to the point where people leave their doors unlocked. The worst kind of crime, he says, is petty theft “if you leave your car doors unlocked.”

“It’s that kind of Pleasantville-y type of safety that we feel here.”

This quote from a native tells you all you need ton know about the natives.

And other reactions have been more incensed, such as one resident who spoke to SFGATE via email on condition on anonymity. He declined to respond to a longer list of questions, saying he was "too depressed about this shit" to critically lay out his contempt for the types of people moving in and his sadness at rising housing costs.

“Just know that every other local I know is also massively depressed about what is going on,” he told me in an email. “Rich hypercapitalist tech right-wing scumf—ks will continue moving their companies/families out here in droves as the lower classes are priced out. The tide moves in, there is no stopping it.” 

Needless to say, this is not a Republican voter.  The natives here are generally well left of the refugees./  The refugees know what a single-party Democratic state is like; the natives only know that the Pacific states have legal pot, and high taxes.

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