Sunday, June 6, 2021

Among the Best Machining Tool Purchases Ever

About a year and half ago, I sang the praises of a very reasonably priced mill vise from Little Machine Shop.  

My love continues.  The Sherline mill vise is adequate to hold small workpieces but even then it does not have the grip required for even relatively unaggressive cuts.  This one does.  Being made of steel not aluminum, it has tolerated some excessive Z-feed errors that at a minimum made the Sherline vise pretty ugly.   

The SHCS that provides the force to hold down the jaws also kept rounding inside so I kept replacing it.  No problems so far with this vise, and I have really locked this vise down.

At the same time, I purchased a very nice set of parallels from them that have proved far superior to Sherline's parallels.  They are thick enough to stand on their own, which matters a lot when you are stacking them up to hold relatively thin workpieces high enough to stick above the jaws. Pretty much anything you need for a micro or mini mill is there.

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