Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"Escape Velocity"

I am reading The 14th Science Fiction Megapack on Kindle.  (If I think too much, it wears me out and I become less pleasant to live with.)  This is one of only two sci-fi stories that I have read in which a 1911A1 appears, and as it turns out, is central to the plot. 

It is apparently firing 185 gr. JHP. How do I know that if not explicitly stated?  Read the story and find out how.


  1. I'm not a parishioner in the Church of JMB, but you need to read more Larry Correia.

  2. Was the other "Frost and Thunder" by Randall Garrett?

  3. Speaking of science fiction, here is a flying car for you.

    Maybe more like a convertible?