Monday, May 18, 2020

It Is No Longer Cancer

These always used to start out with, "I am dying of cancer, please accept my estate."
My name is John Blair i am 25 years of age and a professional Football player, The doctors confirmed i have tested positive for the coronavirus and i am presently in isolation under supervision of some good doctors, my girl friend and best friend died last week no family left and just yesterday the doctors told me i have a couple of days left therefore i am giving out my life savings so if you are reading this message you have been chosen to receive US$2 Million through my financial consultant you should use part of this money to help in the fight against this deadly COVID-19 anyone you can help save as many life as you can. I hope to get your response for further instructions on how to receive the fund before it is too late. Thank you John


  1. Well, everyone knows if you watch the non-Fox Network news, that a diagnosis of having the novel Covid-19 virus is a death sentence. Everyone dies. Some this year, some in eighty years.

    The news announces the sum total of new infections reported every day, not the day's numbers, but numbers from the start. The actual deaths are announced later, so the first massive number is the one the consumers of TV news remember, and cower "safe at home."

  2. Boy, you're so lucky Clayton! You have the chance to help save humanity through this inheritance. Lucky guy.