Sunday, May 24, 2020


Blogging from my phone because we extended the small backyard the previous owner had, by 64 rolls of sod.  Our daughter, son-in-law, and son came over to do the heavy lifting; the last time my wife and I sodded was 1987.  We were much younger than as you probably were also.  Even with them doing the hard part, we are stil in pain in every muscle we can identify.

 If you are reluctant to have kids, rethink that decision.   Raise them well and they will be a blessing in your old age.  Not the only reason, of course. 

Unfortunately, both of the springer spaniels love to dig.  They seemed to have learned to only dig in the dirt, but yesterday I caught the puppy rolling up the sod.  (Trying to dig makes it roll, which made it easier to put back down.)  I am on the back porch watching them.  The puppy has a shock collar.  The older one has learned that if I hold up the shock controller, it is time to do what she should.  

The puppy is running circuits of the yard and digging in the dirt.  I still need to watch them, so I am out on the porch enjoying a lovely afternoon instead of reading mass murder news stories from 1906.


  1. At least you had a nice day to sit outside. It rained in North east Texas all memorial day.

  2. "I am out on the porch enjoying a lovely afternoon instead of reading mass murder news stories from 1906."

    And you are far better off.

  3. One of my two loved to dig holes in my yard. I'd fill in the hole with the lose dirt as best I could, and as soon as my back was turned he'd promptly dig it right back up.

    I also had another problem - two dogs, lots of dog poop to clean up.

    I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I'd dump dog poop into the hole, save for the top inch or so, and then fill the hole the rest of the way with dirt.

    Dogs don't like getting poop on their paws, which took all the fun out of re-digging the holes I'd filled back in. New holes are much harder to dig, and so he lost his interest in digging holes.