Saturday, May 30, 2020

Arson is a Felony

Minneapolis police could have opened fire lawfully, but the police there have clearly lost any willingness to enforce law.


  1. I wouldn't blame the police themselves.

    Remember Noor? The Somali affirmative action hire whose MMPI indicated he shouldn't be trusted, failed his police exam 4 times, yet was hired and trained because he was Somali? And wound up shooting an unarmed woman reporting a suspected assault?

    The department has been run for the last decade by folks celebrated as diversity hires, including the first openly lesbian commander (during the Noor shooting), first black leader, etc. The city council has been meddling for diversity reasons, refusing the police department's request for more officers, better training, and refusing to support officers. See the Jamar Clark incident where despite the body cam video showing the officers were in the right, they had the mayor petition the DoJ to investigate when the local county attorney refused to press charges.

    So while the MPLS cops are no angels, they are being savaged and hamstrung by their political leadership both in the department and in the city council and mayor. So don't blame the cops. It was the MPLS SoyBoy Mayor who decided to abandon the third precinct headquarters to be burned. From what I heard the police weren't happy with their orders, but they obeyed.

    Honestly, the decisions by the local pols drove the carnage. It wasn't until the governor stepped in that things even began to change a little. And even his initial actions were pathetic -- 300 guardsmen couldn't change a thing, and he was a deer in the headlights on Friday night when his actions shown to be completely worthless. It was only tonight when he really called up the National Guard in force (4600) that things have started to settle down.

  2. The police force follows the order of a cowardly communist. This city deserves to burn. No sympathy for the morons who imported these losers nor elected this cretin.

    Hope they seal the entire city off and let them eat each other. Maybe the rest of the nation will learn.

  3. The cops are also going around taking guns from anyone carrying one, even if its fully legal carry. Because who needs a gun when rioting can spring anywhere with little warning?

    Fuck that city, and fuck the traitors with badges. They brought this on themselves.