Friday, May 8, 2020

Went Shopping At Winco

Happy to report 80% or so of customers were wearing masks.


  1. How many were wearing masks CORRECTLY?

    I.e. No gaps, over both the nose and mouth, fitted properly, etc.

    How many of the properly fitted masks were more than one layer of cloth?

  2. Sorry, I do not share your enthusiasm for 80% of a given population wearing muzzles in response to tyrannical government diktats telling them to do so. Up until recently, even St. Anthony of Fauci said masks were unnecessary. I refuse to wear one, except in the most unavoidable closest of quarters, following my Kommiecticut governor's own executive order. That executive order also states you don't have to wear one for a medical condition you don't need to describe or prove. For the record, my medical condition is an allergy to tyranny.

    I just came from Lowe's to buy paint, and did not wear a mask at all. No one said boo about it.

  3. Sadly I have not seen the same at other Boise merchants regarding masks and distancing...

    The Walmart Grocery at Ustick and Cole has probably been the best with I estimate 70% customer and 100% employee participation. Pretty good distance keeping (the best I have seen), but not always.

    The Fred Meyer in Garden City is probably ~60% customer and 99% employee. Mixture of good distancing and some abysmal distancing. Was standing at a display looking at merchandise (wearing a mask) and the next thing I know standing less than a meter away was a very obese woman in her twenties (best guess). Made me angry so I didn't immediately move away. She made no eye contact and seemed oblivious to me as I walked away. As I was tempted to make very nasty comments which would have included references to her weight I just kept my mouth shut.

    Today I was in Lowe's on Eagle Road and it was similar to Fred Meyer. Some isles were really bad with some people (not wearing masks) running right up to you and standing close while you are looking at merchandise. Much more failure to distance there.

    Just seems very rude and stupid to me. Not sure how to best shame such people. I consider the mask like wearing a seat belt. Not perfect, but better than nothing and certainly not a license to drive crazy.

    Now when I go up to look at something if there is already somebody there I wait till they depart....

    Maybe it is time to open carry? They might back off seeing a 1911 or other 45 (Glock or HK USP) or a 357 revolver on the hip..... The thing I don't like about open carry even here in Idaho is that you may still get the person that freaks out, complains or worse tries to attack or take the gun. I will definitely keep my mouth shut if I do that so as to not trigger a fat women to go bananas on me!

    Yes masks are often inadequate or improperly worn, but surely still better than nothing. Keeping a good distance is just common sense. I guess some people are just stupid and or selfish A-Holes that are in lah-lah land or just don't give a sh*t. If this blows up again and they are effected I guess they will then do the weeping and gnashing of teeth. If they don't get effected but others do will they just shrug their shoulders and say "Oh well...too bad?"

    The only in store location for all of the above that has been perfect with distancing is the checkout lines which in all stores are marked at the floor. The stores have recorded announcements, which play frequently, but I guess some don't hear it.

    So what is the best and nicest way to shame such people? I would rather see public shaming by fellow citizens than government mandating or arresting people. Though businesses should have the right to refuse entrance with no mask just like they can for shirts, shoes, etc. Haven't seen any stores doing that though....

    Sure as hell don't want to see another shutdown. If things don't open up or close down again I fear I will be ruined financially.....