Sunday, November 24, 2019

Surprisingly Thoughtful Piece on Gun Control in Idaho

An 11/22/19 BuzzFeed (!!!) picture of Idaho gun rights activists that shows them as reasonable and effective lobbyists for gun rights.  One interesting fact in it that may interest those of you terrified of California refugees:
A recent study conducted by Boise State University found that 56% of California transplants moving into the Treasure Valley — held up as the bastion of liberalism in the state — are Republican. Instead of turning Idaho blue, or even purple, they’re confirming its conservative identity. “Idaho could change,” the study’s author, Jeffrey Lyons, told the Idaho Statesman. “But if Idaho changes, you probably shouldn’t be blaming the Californians. It’s probably something else.”
Certainly describes nearly all that I have met.  The only antigunners that I meet are natives.


  1. You obviously grant much great credibility to "Big Ed" (just like the leftist memes "Big Oil" and "Big Pharm").

    Academia is permeated with marxist presuppositional thinking, with examples such as Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Kathy Boudin as just the more illustrative members. Assigning verity to anything that comes out of any academic locus (other than certain mathematics and engineering, subject to verification) is potentially dangerous, and at least naive. Said naivete seems to be the hallmark of (self-described) conservatives and modern evangelicals: "Oh, they would never do that".

    The left has no such restriction; the moment that you think that there is a line that they would consider as too far, too deceptive, too "Machiavellian", you will see that they are already a mile past that line.

    I would suggest more Angelo Codevilla and less Idaho Statesman for your edification.

  2. I do not find that number surprising. The entire time I have lived in Idaho, I have spoken with many dozens of ex-Californians. I have met one that was even slightly left of center, and one couple that moved here because while fairly liberal, they wanted a good place to raise a family, and by their own admission, the Blue Places were inferior for that.

    The rest were noticeably and loudly right of center, often strongly pro-gun. That 59% figure is therefore completely believable. One of my friends from church brought 10,000 rounds with him, when he left California. Another had a house so full of guns that they were literally popping out of the couch when people went to his house for a Bible study. I helped our pastor (retired San Diego deputy) move, and along with the gun safe in the garage, we moved several crates of guns and ammo from the storage unit into his new home. Gun owners are told in no uncertain terms that California wants them to leave and they have taken that as an invitation.

    I have met some conservative natives but most of the natives I have talked to lean left, having never lived under Democrat rule.

  3. Be skeptical of academic claims always, but outside Boise, this state is at least as far to the right as when I arrived. Look at our gun laws.