Sunday, November 24, 2019

Great News Story

“Inmate scam”, Santa Rosa (Cal.) Press-Democrat, January 20, 1993. A5.  If you can find and get me a scan of it, I would be very grateful.

NEW YORK -- It's a new twist on the old insurance scam: inmates shooting themselves, or each other, with an eye toward the almighty dollar -- the taxpayer's dollar, that is.
 According to the city's Department of Investigation, it works like this: An inmate or an accomplice fires a gun through a pillow or towel, causing a minor leg wound.  As fast as you can say "lawsuit," he's demanding up to $8.5 million in damages for inadequate protection by jail         officials.
 The Department of Investigation believes that about 10 inmates in the last three years have had themselves shot so they could sue or demand lower bail or cushier digs.[i] 

[i] “Inmate scam”, Santa Rosa (Cal.) Press-Democrat, January 20, 1993, A5.
They can't even keep guns away from jail inmates!

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