Monday, November 18, 2019

Mass Murder Apparently Averted by Armed Civilian

11/18/19 USA Today:
DUNCAN, Okla. – Three people were killed Monday in a shooting outside a Walmart that ended when a bystander pointed a gun at the shooter, police and a witness said.
Police responding to a call shortly before 10 a.m. local time found a man and a woman dead in the front seat of a car in the parking lot and another man deceased outside the car, Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said.
“It appears several rounds were fired into the car, and a handgun was found on scene,” Ford said.
It is not clear if the murderer was going into the Wal-Mart or not, but this armed bystander may well have averted a mass murder.   CBS of course makes no mention of the bystander's part.  Nor does CNN.  What a surprise!

USA Today has updated the article:
Duncan resident Aaron Helton, an Army veteran, said he was at the Walmart around 9:45 a.m. when he heard nine shots and saw the gunman, weapon in hand. According to Helton, another man walked up, put a pistol to the gunman’s head and told him to stop shooting. Helton said he saw the shooter was turning the gun on himself and looked away.

UPDATE: Reader with sources inside Duncan PD says gun was drawn but no confrontation took place before suicide.  It would be easy to misread.

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