Sunday, November 10, 2019

Those Evil People at Hobby Lobby

You could actually support yourself at $15.70/hour (that's $2638/month gross) with health insurance.  A working couple could perhaps buy a house on $5200 a month gross pay.

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  1. Sending wives and mothers out of the household to work (except for emergencies) has been one of the elements of the destruction of our society.

    People grew up in a one house, one mom who was there for the children 24/7, and one dad who always had a job, one car, because that was/is all that is needed.

    Everything else is want, not need.

    There is nothing wrong with more, or aspirations of prosperity and success. There is everything wrong with sacrificing entire families on the red hot arms of Molech for a successful crop in the coming year.

    It is the modern evangelical church in the U.S. that grooms the corruption. Imagine what would happen in society if every Christian mother stayed home, if every Christian father removed their children from governments schools...

    It will not happen. Molech is hungry.