Thursday, November 14, 2019

Nuclear Stress Test

I am likely still emitting gamma rays, but my heart is fine.  This is likely cold-induced asthma.  Back to my GP for a solution.  This indicates breathing through my nose, not mouth, will help; the opposite of what I have been doing.


  1. I have a pocket sized Geiger counter. It scared my wife when I put it near her after her nuclear test. Then, I had a test where I swallowed a nuclear emitter, and I tracked it through my digestive system with the Geiger counter. The lab, of course, tracked it with their radiation imager.

    I learned, unfortunately, that asthma never goes away, even though childhood asthma seems to go away when you grow up. I comes back when you get old. So asthma it may be. But, asthma is treatable, although inhalers are expensive. I get mine from the VA, where they are a whole lot less expensive.

  2. I've been having similar symptoms, and in my case I'm pretty sure it's just acid reflux. Rapid breathing of cold air seems to aggravate the inflamed tissue.

  3. Based upon this and your previous comments, I would suggest increasing your fitness, but doing it indoors during cold weather. Aerobic exercise will very often result in mouth-breathing for adequate respiratory volume. Those with reactive airways often find cold air problematic.

    A better option is obtaining a better quality rear drive elliptical and maintain your exercise indoors. Rear drive ellipticals have a more natural feeling for walking/running and you also tend to be better centered on rear wheel drive compared to a front drive machine. (better quality starts around the $900 mark)