Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Gun Control as Suicide Prevention

They are banging that drum again. Fatality % by suicide method:
I suppose we could ban belts, cars, water, and bridges, but I am skeptical that these are anymore practical.


  1. I'm surprised jumping isn't more effective. But I suppose that depends on access to tall enough structures to do the job properly.

  2. If gun control prevented suicide, then when Canada outlawed guns their suicide rate should have gone down. It didn't. The methods used changed.

    Suicide vs “Gun-death” Suicide | 357 Magnum

  3. Sebastian: people survive some jumps that seem unsurvivable. Some years ago, a woman jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge. She came back a year or so later, and this time she was "successful."

  4. Canada has never banned guns. Even AR-15s remain legal as restricted weapons.