Sunday, November 17, 2019

Bayonet Mass Murder

The gun control crowd, as you know, are utterly intent on banning rifles with bayonet lugs.  To which we respond: when are gangs or mass murderers using bayonets?  I just found my first bayonet mass murder.

Oakland, R.I. (1897)
4/14/1897: An employee of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reynolds beat to death with the butt end of a musket and bayonetted the couple and their 4-year-old adopted daughter, then burned down the house.  The newspaper account described the murderer as “undoubtedly a raving maniac... he was found in the barn, chattering unintelligibly.”
Category: family
Suicide: no
Cause: mental illness
Weapon: blunt object, bayonet[1]

[1] “The Work of a Maniac,” [New Haven, Conn.] DailyMorning Journal and Courier, Apr. 15, 1897, 1.

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