Wednesday, July 24, 2019

When Did They Repeal Moore's Law?

Both of the Lenovo laptops we own were less than $400 new, with 1TB drives, and quad core processors.  Nothing even close now except for refurbished laptops.  The Lenovo USB dock that currently lets me have three external displays works with any laptop.


  1. Inflation?

    Also, what other specs?

    Core count isn't the important thing between, say, a Celeron and an i5.


    This is a 4 core Celeron at 1.1GHz base for $405.

    With far too little RAM. And a tiny eMMC drive; but these days a lot more people prefer "less flash" to "more rotary".)

  2. Moore's Law slowed down over a decade ago. But, Moore's law was about the exponential increase in the density of chips. Processor speeds stopped going up over a decade ago because shrinking the features to speed them up led to too much heat dissipation due to quantum tunneling.

    But I see your point - I've noticed that computers seem to have gotten more expensive recently. Perhaps tariffs on Chinese goods?

  3. If you're talking about the Lenovo X140e (which I have sitting in front of me), they are quad-core CPUs, but they're not very powerful.

    The X140e's were often priced very cheaply for a few months from October to December because they were spec'd for the educational market, and once the schools and parents bought all they were going to they were remaindered on Amazon--I have two of them, and another guy I know bought like 7 to use as lab/qa machines.