Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Math is Racist

7/17/19 College Fix:
"Math equity” doesn’t mean 1 + 1 = 2.
The term refers to the growing insistence among educators that teaching math in the classroom comes with some inherently biased methodology that must be addressed.
Proponents of “math equity” also stress the importance of social justice issues such as race, diversity and gender in math education — a trend that’s catching on.
More professors and educators are tweeting under the hashtag #MathEquity to share strategies on the topic, and webinars and other pedagogical sessions on it abound.
“Equity-based mathematics teaching requires more than implementing new curriculum or using specific practices because it involves taking a stand for what is right,” the website for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics states.
“It requires mathematics teachers to reflect on their own identity, positions, and beliefs in regards to racist and sorting-based mechanisms. It involves noticing students, learning about the worlds they live in, and building mathematics that comes from these worlds. And finally, it involves engaging other educators in partnerships to build equity-oriented communities.”
As I commented:
Many years ago, when I was taking the required multicultural studies class, the text we were using asserted that even the boolean logic of computers was Western in origin and thus suspect of having general applicability outside the West. Glad to know our missiles and aircraft stop working in the Third World. What did Winston confront in 1984? 1+1 = whatever the Party says it does. 
Another comment I must emphasize to those whose children are still K-12:
Homeschool and teach your child to become the CEO of Brawndo.

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