Monday, July 22, 2019

Democrats Expose Themselves

David Atkins is the regional director the California Democratic Party. And judging from this thread, he’s really got his finger on the pulse of America:

You know who is not grateful enough? Rural white Americans.
They are heavily subsidized, drowning in federal largesse, blessed with political affirmative action & overrepresentation, have all their bills paid by cities and blue states, but they whine and yell constantly.
The possibility that this largess (no "e", David) which is largely Social Security checks, as I understand this claim, might reflect that the left has made the cost of living too high in blue states.  This causes migration, which does not occur to these defenders of the plutocrats.


  1. "e"

  2. (waves hand) Packing up now to leave his "Utopia". F' him and his diverse, vibrant, workers paradise.

    Oddly enough, my Democrat loving BiL also bailed from Silicon Valley. Me thinks they're doing it wrong if they are chasing out startup Founders...