Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hard to Believe This is in the New York Times

7/31/19 New York Times discusses assault weapons and how gun makers keep defeating bans:
Even though military-style weapons are used in few shootings, they have proven to be the deadliest, and the most visible targets for legislation.
After discussing how the bullet button defeated the 1989 ban, and the most recent revision to the law:
To replace the magazine, the gun must be “disassembled” and the firearm action opened. In theory, this requirement would slow reloading times. 
It did not take long for gunmakers and third-party manufacturers to find a way to comply with the law while still offering consumers a similar product with all the same accessories. 
Inexpensive modification kits on the market now make it quick and simple to “disassemble” the rifle.
These allow the firearm action to open slightly with the press of a button. The magazine can then be removed with a traditional release. The banned features become legal again.
Nice graphics, by the way.

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