Wednesday, July 10, 2019

More Credit Card Fraud

American Express wanted to verify information for a Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.  Someone (not me) applied for one online.  They promptly notified credit reporting agencies.

I was wondering how someone obtained my Social Security Number, address, etc.  Of course, every medical provider wants it to verify identity, and with good reason.  My wife pointed out that SSNs have likely become a valued black market item because illegal aliens need them to work. 

Some years ago, someone filed a bogus 1040 with my SSN to get a tax refund which IRS mailed to me, and I later had to send back.  This should have set off alarm bells at IRS; I have not received a tax refund in decades.

But the Democrats need those illegal aliens for voting, and the owners of the RINOs need cheap agricultural and sex workers, so that is all that matters.