Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

I have long been frustrated by the apparent inability of my Sherline mill to do plunge milling, and even relatively unambitious edge milling.  The Sherline mill is belt driven, not gear driven.  I have burned out a lot of belts and replacing them is a pain.  There are two sets of pulley positions, and I have been using the high speed set.  As you know, speed and torque are inversely related.  (Why we did not learn this in Newtonian mechanics, I do not know.  Just remember not to hire a Newtonian mechanic to fix your faster-than-light drive.) 

When I replaced the burned out belt today, I went to the lower speed positions, and it now does a splendid job of milling.  Instead of removing aluminum powder, it now does what a mill is supposed to do, tear off big chunks at a time.

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