Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Ray Bradbury Theater

This was a 2000s HBO series where Ray Bradbury produced episodes based on his stories.  Some are excellent.  His story "The Veldt" came through exactly as I imagined it when reading it.  Like many of Bradbury's stories, there is often an amazingly effective projection of where things are going, and not in a positive way.  One story stared Bruce Weitz, who you may remember from Hill Street Blues as a rebel against an over connected world who murders all noisy electronic devices.


  1. Bradbury had written a very good whodunit set in Santa Monica (or Venice Beach). I forget the title but it is a good read.


  2. Isn't that show from the 80's/90's? Looks like there are free episodes on YouTube. But, you can watch it on the free, over-the-air network, RetroTV. In Boise it's 22.8.