Wednesday, June 12, 2019

At Some Point, a Judge Needs to Sanction the Lawyers

The Colorado baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake was sued after winning at the Supreme Court.  He refused to bake a gender transition cake.  6/6/19 CBS Denver: A third suit has now been filed.  This 6/11/19 WND report:
The latest lawsuit against Jack Phillips, the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop, is filed by a guy who harassed the bakery for months, requesting things like a cake with a picture of Satan performing fellatio. The guy walks in, requested that Jack Phillips bake a cake with a picture of Satan performing fellatio. Of course, Jack Phillips said ‘no.’


  1. Barry Goldwater, one of the founders of the Arizona chapter of the NAACP did say during the 1964 debate on the civil rights act of that year that it was a bad precedent.

    Nowadays, if you are open for business and do something that involves your imagination and creativity (admittedly a broad category), you have to serve everyone including this guy who is clearly trying to be offensive. This guy is also a coward, I note he hasn't gone to a Muslim-owned bakery to ask for a Christmas-religious-themed cake.

    My cousin's second husband was the guy that goes to a restaurant and always finds something to get his party's meal comp'd (for deeds more minor than the waiter who spilled coffee on Dorothy Parker prompting the quip, "Go, and never darken my Dior again").

  2. It's time to bring back the blasphemy laws. The free speech jive was a tactic used by the commies while they took over. Oak tree, rope, commie, some assembly required.