Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Left Wants War

6/30/19 Daily Caller reports on the aggravated assault on gay Asian conservative journalist Andy Ngo.  (Milk shakes with fast drying cement and a beating.)  Portland's mayor has apparently given police orders not to arrest Antifa for violent crimes.  The left imagines that they will provoke civil war and win.  Yet another reason to resist gun bans.  The left is counting on intimidation of this sort:

They think that they are going to disarm the population and with no blowback.  They are going to be surprised.

Best to win elections.  Even winning a civil war is bloody, nasty business, with horrifying moral dilemmas.

And this poster, doubtless put up by a white Antifa member really catches where the Democrats are taking us:


  1. Snopes says Antifa denies this is their poster. Not that I am an expert on Antifa messaging, I don't recall midcagenation being an Antifa issue.

  2. You'd think someone with bigoted KKK-type views of miscegenation would be more careful to verify the correctness of spell-check.

  3. And if Snopes says that Antifa denies it's their poster, then I believe Snopes, and why would Antifa lie?
    [even with the sarc off symbol, and writing this ironically, I feel really scuzzy now, so I think I'll go wash my mouth out.]