Friday, June 28, 2019

Effective Ways to Express Disapproval of the Police

2/20/19 Idaho Press:
A 68-year-old Emmett man pleaded guilty Monday to lighting Emmett police vehicles on fire in 2017.
Darrel Rich pleaded guilty to two criminal counts — damage by fire to vehicles owned by an institution receiving federal funding, and damage by fire to vehicles used in interstate commerce, according to a news release from the Idaho U.S. Attorney’s Office.
Those charges stem from a July 2017 incident in which Emmett police officers responded to Rich’s home. After they left, Rich told his sister through “telephone communications” that police should “‘back off now or somebody is going to get hurt’” and told her that “‘if she call(ed) the cops on me again...we’re done.’”
Just after 12 a.m. the next morning, Rich drove to the Emmett Police Station and parked across the street from it, according to the release. He took a gasoline canister from the trunk of his Chevrolet Impala and poured the liquid behind four police vehicles parked in the department’s parking lot.
My wife saw this article this morning: "There are easier ways to get S'Mores."  He was apparently also convicted of felon in possession of a firearm.  I am so surprised.


  1. How is an Emmett police car used in interstate commerce?

  2. Federally funded. Not commerce, but certainly impacts federal spending.