Sunday, June 23, 2019

Just Not My Day

Some directories have disappeared under Windows 7.  I know that they are hidden from Windows Explorer but are still there because I can see them from the command line and when I copy them from my backup, they are apparently there (do you want to merge?).  I have set Windows to show hidden files.  But nowhere that I can find is there an explanation.  Weirdly, the files in the missing directories appear in the parent directory.

It appears that the folder icons need to be rebuilt.  The Windows disk cleanup utility can delete all the icons and they automatically rebuild on the next reboot. But it appears the disk cleanup utility cannot be run until sfc /scannow (a Windows repair tool finishes and I will not interrupt it).  Maybe I will try this in the morning.  All very odd.

Next step if that fails: from the command shell rm -r the missing from Explorer directories and recopy them from the backup.

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