Monday, June 24, 2019

Evidence That Transgender is a Mental Illness

From PJMedia:
On Saturday, a library in the Seattle area hosted a "Teen Pride" event for children ages 9-19. The event featured drag queens, all sorts of explicit adult-themed advice, and a raffle for dangerous transgender chest binders. Three local moms, concerned about children being exposed to such things at a taxpayer-funded library, filmed the event in order to expose it. Police escorted them out by force, warning that they were guilty of "criminal trespass."
Does anyone in the LGBT activist elite know any straight people who aren't billionaires?  If you want to know what is going to drive LGBT back into a legally imposed closet, it is trash like this, and Drag Queen Story Hour at public libraries.

When I was young, drag queens, swishy guys, and bull dykes were signs of vicious stereotyping.  Now they are an identity.  Who would have thought those nasty stereotypes were somewhat true?

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  1. Anyone know of some reputable anthropological study into the phenomena that activists use to prop up the claim that American Indians have a history of distinguishing between sex and gender? Almost all the Indian terms cited in this article are a variant of cross-dresser or tomboy/"girly man."

    Is there a non-derisive synonym of "girly man?"