Saturday, February 11, 2017

What Have I Been Doing?

You may wonder why I have been blogging less.  In addition to machining, I have been finishing work on an upcoming Southern Illinois University Law Journal article.  If you have never been through this process: let me explain.

Law reviews expect every point or quote in an article to have what is called a pinpoint citation to a specific page.  And at least the better ones check every pinpoint cite for accuracy of claim and quote. If the sources you cite are not readily available to the law school students who do the editing, you must provide photocopies.  Fortunately, after finishing publication of Armed America, I scanned in nearly all my non-book sources before destroying the paper.  This was good; how else could I find an 1821 Cleveland newspaper?

In my experience, some lesser law reviews do not do this pinpoint citation checking, especially when the article is antigun.  Yes I am thinking of an article by Nathan Kozuskanich that failed this test but was published in University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law anyway.  Dave Kopel and I checked his more outrageous claims and found widespread Bellesilism.

Also, I am on the verge of finding a prestige publisher for my book on gunsmithing and gun marketing.  We are at the "We have some requests for changes" stage.

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