Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Understanding the Rage

There are moments where it is apparent that some of progressivism nonsense is just ignorance and senility, like Nancy Pelosi's insistence that she can't work with with President Bush:
While its only a couple of weeks since the inauguration, there’s complete evidence—there’s prac[sic]—we've seen nothing that we can work—that I can work with President Bush on and I’m disappointed because I thought that there might be some interest because of what he said in the campaign, which turns out to be not true, a hoax—and really dangerous to the economic stability of America’s working families.
and Rep. Maxine Waters' ignorance:
How can a president who is acting in the manner that he is acting, whether he’s talking about the travel ban, the way that he’s targeting Muslims, or whether he’s talking about his relationship to Putin and the Kremlin and knowing that they have hacked our D-triple-C and DNC and knowing that he is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families in um…in um…” at this point Rep. Waters waved her hand, clearly having forgotten the name of the city.
Two different reporters offered “Aleppo?” and Rep. Waters continued, “Yeah, in Aleppo.” But then things got more awkward. “And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into…Korea?” Waters said with a questioning glance at Nancy Pelosi. She clearly was thinking of Crimea, not Korea. No one in the room or behind the podium reacted to the gaffe at the moment, but Rep. Waters (or someone on her staff) did clarify it later on Twitter.
and Rep. Hank Johnson's fear that too many sailors might cause Guam to capsize. 

These are just ignorance.  What about the fiercely weird and angry ones, like Lobster Porn girl and the crazies in Berkeley.  I tend to see this insanity as purely human doing.  People are capable of great stupidity and evil, especially those who are recovering from traumas of childhood.  My wife is completing a book on spiritual warfare which seeks other explanations for the evil of ISIS and the badly damaged of our society.  There is evil so deep and weird that you wonder where it comes from.

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