Friday, February 17, 2017

Firearms License Fees

I'm writing a law review article about inordinate firearms license fees,  $100 might be reaasonable; $10,000 would be clearly prohibitory.  (Think about parade permits.)  Give me a pointer to your state's website listing their firearms license (either home or concealed carry).

For those who live in the USA: in some places, a home or premises license is required to have a gun in your home or place of business.

Connecticut government has already done the job.


  1. In North Carolina, you need to buy a pistol permit to buy a pistol (these cost $5 or 5 for $20 and entail a background check). This requirement is waived if you a a Concealed Carry License. Purchases of rifles and shotguns do not require any permits or licenses other than the standard NICS check.

    Here is the appropriate site for Wake County (includes Raleigh):

    Here is a link to North Carolina Firearms Laws:

  2. South Dakota

  3. Arizona:

    As an FYI in case it's relevant, in AZ a license is not required to own or carry (open or concealed) but the state nonetheless offers CCWs which legally allow slightly expanded carry privileges (e.g., into facilities which serve alcohol) and to facilitate interstate reciprocity.

  4. Initial Applications: TOTAL $52.50
    CCIC Fingerprint check $17.50
    InstaCheck $13.00
    FBI Fingerprint check $22.00

    Note: The local sheriff can charge up to an additional $100.
    The additional charge is pretty common. Actual cost includes a course covering the legal aspects of CCW which may or may not include some range time. This runs about $50 for the legal and another $50 for the range stuff, give or take a bit. has most state info.

  5. Addendum: Colorado: No other permits are required.

  6. Link to Missouri concealed carry permit statute.

    To summarize, $100 for first time application, $50 renewals.

    As far as I know there's no "firearm" permit anywhere in the state.

    NICS check to buy is all that's required, but not for individual sales, just commercial.

  7. In CA "it's a complicated business."

    Here in order to purchase a firearm you need to get an FSC (Firearm Safety Certificate) which costs $25 for 5 yrs. Then you need to pay for transferring the firearm which also registers it with the State; this cost is $25 to the State and the dealer can add an additional $10, more if it's a private party transfer. Theoretically there isn't a license or registration fee, but it's included when you buy a firearm.

    Here's the CA DOJ FAQ, so you can become as confused as me:

    "Assault weapons" must be registered, but most have been banned; some that weren't, are now... but wait! The CA DOJ has had to step back, as there's a New Sheriff in Town, so we're all waiting to see what the final outcome will be.

    CCW permits depend on the County or City; here in San Diego the fee used to be $200 for the application, which was not refundable when rejected. Unless you're a famous actor, a left-wing politican, or a large contributor to the Sheriff's reelection campaign, the application will be rejected. I have friends who have tried, but without success. Some counties in Northern CA routinely issue CCWs but only to residents. CA does not accept CCWs from any other state.

    Hope this helps!

  8. The information in Connecticut's website on fees isnt' entirely accurate for New York State, the county determines the fees. For example, in Warren County the fee is $10, *BUT* that's not the entire cost. You have to take a safety class that costs $50, and there is a $91.50 fingerprint fee, and you have to supply photographs (DMV charges $5) so your actual cost is $156.5.

    And then you get to wait 6 months to a year for your permit to be approved.

  9. Indiana: