Friday, February 24, 2017

More Evidence of Progressive Insanity

2/23/17 Elle:
Those who don't like Donald Trump and the current Republican administration are mobilizing in all sorts of ways. They're speaking up in town halls and calling their representatives. They're organizing protests and demonstrations. And, for the magically-inclined, they're casting spells.
Starting at midnight on Friday, witches around the country are calling for a mass spell to be cast on Donald Trump every night of a waning crescent moon until he's driven from office.

The spell was publicized by Michael M. Hughes, who told that it was tweaked from multiple spells he saw going around private witchcraft groups. He published it on Extra News Feed because he felt "it would be very welcome to a lot of people." It quickly spread, with events being formed around the country and support on social media.
Hint, progressives, the Harry Potter books were entertainment for children, not a how-to manual.   And Voldemort did not have Cheetos hair!

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