Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I Wan to Feel Sorry for These Telemarketeers

My wife and I keep receiving these phone calls that start out, "Our records show you recently stayed in one of our resorts..."  Already, we know that's a lie.  We have never stayed in any resort.  I'm not sure if this is an attempt to lure us into staying at some resort, or if they are trolling for a credit card number, but there is no pause before they just unloading their pitch.  Trying to get these human robots to stop is a waste of time--they aren't listening. These are more frustrating than robocalls.  And again VoIP spoofing means never the same number twice.


  1. So you get the "Resort" scammers do you? I get the "Vehicle Warranty" scammers, mostly on my cell phone (about the only junk calls I get on the cell.)

    At least my phone is good about identifying the scammers, and like you I block them; they keep using different numbers, which is annoying.

    On my "home" phone, which is VOIP, I get lots of unidentified callers, but I screen them by using the answering machine. Usually the phone rings but no message is left.

  2. Aha! You are getting the exact same calls that I am getting.

    It's a recording, not a live person. I admit, it does seem pretty authentic because they do something like "Hello/excuse me" at the start and don't start the sales pitch immediately. Then they go into "let me adjust my headset" and then right into the pitch!

    I've gotten a number of these on my voice mails. I've answered a few by accident because they were listed as from an area where I was expecting a phone call. Same thing every time. Definite recording.