Monday, February 6, 2017

Every Time I Say There's Nothing Weirder in Left-Wing Circles

I get another surprise.  PJMedia links to a NSFW video of an artist at NYU arguing police should shut down free speech.  Even better is Huffington Post's description of her work:
This is not the first time Goyette has used an artistic lens to explore and challenge the conventions of pornography, and push the concept of fantasy to its illogical extremes. In her 2013 “Lobstapussy,” Goyette plays Lobsta Girl, a horny crustacean who packs her bags (with dicks) and heads to Greece to get dirty with a bunch of lobster men. A bizarro, under the sea orgy ensues, playfully proving that women’s desires are way more vulgar, strange and sexy than male-geared porn ever guessed.
And that's not the most disturbing stuff this "artist" has done.

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