Friday, February 24, 2017

Even in Boise

I like to talk about how safe Boise and Idaho in general is, but there are still enough times that having a handgun on you makes sense.  2/22/17 KBOI reports on a woman who was attacked through her car window in a robbery attempt, foiled when she drew what appears to be a Ruger LCP.

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  1. Boise and Idaho in general are not "safe". Just like people are not smart.

    An individual may be intelligent, or "safe" (by specific, inculcated, thinking and practice), but there is no general attribute beyond a meaningless set of statistics. Those numbers are cold-comfort when it is your turn in the barrel.

    There are a significant number of violent criminal offenders in both urban and rural Idaho environments. One of the reasons is that they know that there are sparse law enforcement resources (read: LEO's) and so their chances of being apprehended are greatly reduced. And I am not speaking about white collar felons; I am speaking directly about contract-murderers, armed-robbers, rapists, etc. smack dab right in the middle of salt-of-the-earth Idaho. They thrive upon the "does not happen here" mentality and the culture that belief creates.