Thursday, February 9, 2017

In Case You Missed This Socialist's Trump Compliment

2/6/17 Boingboing:
TPP wasn't a "secret plan to make the world a better place." It wasn't even a trade deal. Virtually every good manufactured in virtually every one of the 12 TPP members could be imported into virtually any of the other members with no tariffs at all -- something CNN conveniently failed to mention.
What was TPP then? A sweetheart deal for giant corporations: it would have banned states from keeping their citizens' data out of the NSA's reach (a gift to the James Clapper set), allowed Hollywood to put people in jail for watching movies the wrong way (a gift to the SOPA set), allowed telcoms giants to sue to dismantle net neutrality protections (a gift to the Comcast set), jacked up the price of pharmaceuticals for the poorest people in the world (a gift to the Shkreli set), banned governments from requiring open source code for public procurements (a gift to the Microsoft set), limited fair use (a gift to the Righthaven set), required all states to establish criminal sanctions for breaking DRM (a gift to the printer ink business-model set), and expanded copyright terms across the board (a gift to the Disney set).
And it goes on from there, refusing to credit Trump for doing what the corporate Democrats refused to do.

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