Friday, June 17, 2016

Those of You Planning to Vote for Bernie Should Look At Venezula

Caracas (AFP) - Venezuelan police have arrested hundreds of people as the country's food crisis erupted into deadly looting this week, heightening hardship and political uncertainty in the impoverished oil-producing nation.
Dozens of bakeries, supermarkets and hardware shops were looted on Tuesday in the eastern city of Cumana, the latest flashpoint in a crisis that has killed at least four people so far.
"It ended in total ruin because the businesses had not only their stock pillaged but also their furniture. It was total destruction," said Ruben Saud, president of the Cumana Chamber of Commerce.
The chaos started when gangs of looters on motorcycles raided trucks transporting food, witnesses said.
The governor of Sucre state, where Cumana is located, told state television channel VTV that "more than 400 people" were arrested, including three suspected gang leaders involved in the looting.
Arrests have also been reported in other towns.
- Blaming the opposition -
The opposition blames President Nicolas Maduro for an economic crisis in which Venezuelans are suffering shortages of basic foods and goods.
Maduro in turn blames the crisis on an "economic war" allegedly waged against his leftist government by the business elite.
He accuses the opposition of fomenting unrest to spark a foreign intervention to unseat him.
I would like to think most Americans are smart enough not to want to go down this path, but in the HP parking lot the Bernie 2016 bumper stickers are showing up.

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  1. The media says Bernie has the strongest support among the tech world so am not surprised about the HP parking lot. Must be those commies from CA.

    If only we could get Bernie to run on the Socialist or whatever ticket, but he is moving closer to endorsing Hillary every day apparently--once he is done spouting his utopia vision at he convention. DARN!!!!