Saturday, June 18, 2016

GWX Control Panel

I was joking when I said Microsoft wasn't going to rape my PC and force it to Windows 10 without my permission.  Apparently, many have gotten up in the morning and found their PC in a Windows 10 sort of way while the PC had only hazy memories of what happened.  GWX Control Panel  lets you both block Windows 10 upgrades without consent, and even shuts up the "Windows 10 will be the best night your PC has ever had!  Please enjoy this drink and you'll see!" popup as well.


  1. Yep. Wish I'd known about this last week. Got a call on Thursday that "something" had taken over my 82 year old mother's computer and changed everything.

    I drove over and sure enough, windows 10 had installed itself overnight. So I spent a while installing stuff and changing the appearance to be close the windows 7 desktop she was used to.

    Thanks a bunch, Microsoft!

  2. Well done, Clayton! Glad you're protected, GWX seems like good software.

    Every once in a while I Google for "Win 10 problems" and there are lots & lots of pages there. Just now I did that search and it returned 81,400,000 results!

    If most of these problems are sorted out in the next year or so, I may try Win10 again- but that OS also has a bad reputation for keylogging & sending lots of information to MS, for unknown purposes (of course it's using your bandwidth, so you're paying for these messages back to the mothership.)

    Maybe I'm just paranoid- but I have no trust at all in MS these days, just like I have no trust in the gov't. I'd rather be paranoid than to find out they really are out to get me, and it's too late to take any action!